• Lee Eigengrau

Announcing Wavering Radiant

Welcome to WAVERING RADIANT. This page is for awareness and all of the people suffering from illness's that can be easily treated by CBD (proven now in multiple countries) and a campaign for it to be added to the PBS for so many Australian's suffering. This is the voice for all of you. Personally my sister (Yvette) was premature and suffers from major epilepsy (multiple and many seizures a day) as well as Lennox Gestalt Syndrome and is wheelchair bound. We have personally seen improvements in her daily way of life due to CBD treatments. This is to raise awareness to everyone about the efficiency of CBD to battle these issues (as well as many, many others). This is a voice to everyone that is suffering and could easily be treated by adding CBD to the PBS (as CBD is incredibly expensive otherwise). This is a campaign, community and unified group to shine a light on this major issue that we face in Australia (again it is already in place in many other countries). https://www.facebook.com/Wavering-Radiant-347039103024584/

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